Equipment and consumables. Expert advice on equipping laboratories, selection of sophisticated equipment in accordance with the goals and budgets of the customer.

General laboratory equipment
Complex equipping of medical, chemical, clinical diagnostic, histological, bacteriological, microbiological, educational and other laboratories. A wide range of basic equipment, unique opportunities for finding narrow-profile individual solutions.
Consumables and instruments for laboratory research
High quality products from trusted suppliers. Own quality control and compliance with certified indicators.
Chromatographic equipment
Equipment for analytical studies of all types, including chromatography, mass spectrometry, inductively coupled plasma spectrometry, optical emission spectrometry and etc.  For any task in the pharmaceutical, clinical or research laboratory.
Consumables for the chromatography equipment
GC and HPLC columns; components for chromatographs: capillaries, fittings, ferrules, gaskets and etc.; cuvettes; cells; vials; septa; caps; bio-performance.